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How to split by multiple job/cost codes (items)
How to split by multiple job/cost codes (items)

Segment a bill/receipt by different job/cost codes inside Veryfi web app

Updated over a week ago

Documents (bills, receipts, invoices) in Veryfi can be split based on category and/or job/cost code (they are called Items in QuickBooks and Xero).

For instructions on how to split by category, see:

To split a document by job/cost code:

  1. Open the document detail view

  2. Next to the category field, click the "SPLIT" button

3. Select the relevant job/cost code on each line item. Note that when selecting a job/cost code, the category is optional. The reverse also applies.

To remove splits from your document, simply click the "REMOVE SPLITS" button.

NOTE: Job/cost codes are only available on splits if you have added at least one job/cost code to your account from the INBOX > JOB COST CODES menu option.

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