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Data Extraction for your Mobile App
Data Extraction for your Mobile App

Got a mobile app? Then give it Superpowers! Veryfi Lens is a custom camera that interfaces with Veryfi's API for real-time data extraction.

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Veryfi Lens is a beautiful custom camera binary you can drop-into your iOS & Android app to give your mobile app machine vision and AI superpowers in minutes!

This includes:

  • Custom Camera Interface Screens with Edit Tools & Blur Detect

  • Automatic Receipt Detection + Cropping

  • Image Perspective Corrections

  • Ambience Detection with Auto-Torch & Noise Reduction

  • Accelerated Package Manager with edge node routing

  • Async Background uploader with Offline Capabilities

  • Stitch Capabilities for Multiple Documents

  • Support for Worldwide Languages

  • SLA Maintenance, Support and Updates

How to trial Lens for your mobile app?

Contact and tell us how you intend to use the Lens and in what mobile app.

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