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A Walk-Through of Veryfi Lens SDK
A Walk-Through of Veryfi Lens SDK

A walk-through of the process of adding Veryfi Lens into your Android App

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Mobile Android Document Scanner SDK

Veryfi Lens + Your Android App = Document Scanner Superpowers [How to]

Veryfi Lens is an Android Document Scanner SDK; a beautiful custom camera binary (framework SDK) you can drop-into your Android App to give it mobile product machine vision superpowers in minutes.

Veryfi Lens simplifies the process of document capture and data extraction with only a handful of lines of code.

Who is this for?

If your mobile app needs superpowers to capture and pre-process documents natively on the device for Expense Management, Bill Pay, Bookkeeping, or Market Research then this video is for you/your developer(s). Veryfi’s Toolkit allows you to deliver these solutions much faster and cheaper than trying to build it in-house.

Simple Integration

Veryfi Lens only requires a handful of lines of code to instantiate and run. We made it simple so you can focus on your app and let Veryfi handle the rest.

This means you can be up and running in minutes vs months; delivering value and utility to your customers tomorrow!

// 1. Credentials val veryfiLensCredentials = VeryfiLensCredentials() veryfiLensCredentials.clientId = "XXX" veryfiLensCredentials.username = "XXX" veryfiLensCredentials.apiKey = "XXX" // 2. Settings (customize or leave as is) val veryfiLensSettings = VeryfiLensSettings() veryfiLensSettings.categories = arrayListOf("Meals", "Entertainment", "Job supplies") VeryfiLens.configure(this, veryfiLensCredentials, veryfiLensSettings) // 3. Start Camera VeryfiLens.showCamera()

Packed with Tech to Inspire!

  • Document Intelligence capable of detecting and auto cropping a Receipt, Invoice or Bill even if it’s held in your hand. This also means anything else foreign in the camera photo like a cat or dog or your keyboard keys will ignored.
    See Scanner IQ demo

  • Image Perspective Corrections make sure that even if you take a photo on an angle or whilst holding it in your hand it is always captured flawlessly.

  • Blur Detection lets you know when it’s important to retake that photo to guarantee a flawless data extraction.

  • Support for FMCG/CPG Receipts using Veryfi Lens panoramic stitch capability helps you capture those long retail receipts in 1 photo. Throw away that old school approach to taking many pictures and enjoy the power of 1 high resolution picture.
    See FMCG Veryfi scanner demo

  • Detect up to 3 Documents in the Camera with 1 click. That Bill followed by Receipt can now be taken with 1 picture. Place both on the table and watch Veryfi Lens do it’s magic identifying the multiple documents on screen followed by smart cropping and stitching into a multi-page PDF. Your accountant will love you!

Packed with Tech to Inspire!

Watch it

In this short 10 min video Andy (Head of Engineering at Veryfi) walks you through the process of adding Veryfi Lens into your Android App (iOS version also available) so your customers can capture and scan receipts, invoices and bills in seconds.

What used to take months to build from scratch can now be added to your android app in minutes at a fraction of the cost of hiring developers and paying for ongoing maintenance and support.

Test Drive Lens Today for Free

Sign up here to start your 14-day free trial or contact for a demo and to learn more.

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