Bulk actions on Projects
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If you have a large number of projects to manage, you can speed up the process with the help of bulk actions.

The bulk actions supported on projects include: complete, cancel and delete.

  1. Go to the Projects section (https://hub.veryfi.com/projects/)

  2. Select the projects that you'd like to perform a bulk action on

  3. You will now see the bulk action buttons appear at the top. Simply click the one that's relevant to you and confirm when prompted

What do these actions do?

  • Complete: the selected projects will be marked as completed

  • Cancel: the selected projects will be marked as canceled. This is useful if you need to reference canceled project, especially those that had been started and expenses and/or labor tracked against them before they were canceled

  • Delete: the selected projects will be permanently deleted from your account. Any documents or time entries that have been mapped to these projects will still exist but will no longer be mapped to any project

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