If you are on a Free Trial you may notice that the Billing section inside your API web hub is asking you to submit a request for the account upgrade to support@veryfi.com. No worries, this is temporary. We are working on automated self-service Billing right now. In the meantime, please follow the instructions below on how to set your billing.

How to Upgrade?

1. Send an email to support@veryfi.com or leave a message in our online chat including the following details:

  • Company Legal Name (optional)

  • Company Address (optional)

  • Company Shipping Details (optional)

  • Company Tax ID (optional)

  • Billing Email Address

  • Account Email Address

  • Subscription Start date

  • Plan name or expected monthly volume*

2. Veryfi will send you the Invoice with Subscription and Period details.

It is NET 7 by default.

3. When the invoice is completed, your Veryfi account will be converted.

Payment options supported:

  • Card

  • ACH credit transfer

  • contact support@veryfi.com if you want to request a different payment option

Plan name or expected monthly volume

Please check out this Article for more information on available plans.

Have Questions?

Please contact support@veryfi.com or use Online Chat Facility for special pricing, SLA options, other Billing etc questions.

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