You may notice that Billing section inside your API web hub is asking you to submit a request for the account upgrade to No worries, this is temporary. We are working on automated self-service Billing right now. In the meantime, please follow instructions below on how to set your billing.

How to Upgrade?

1. Send email to or leave a message in our online chat including the following details:

  • Company Legal Name (optional)

  • Company Address (optional)

  • Company Shipping Details (optional)

  • Company ID (optional)

  • Tax ID (if applicable)

  • Billing Email Address

  • Account Email Address

  • Subscription Start date

  • Plan name or expected monthly volume*

2. Veryfi will send you the Invoice with Subscription and Period details.

It is NET 7 by default.

3. When the invoice is completed, your Veryfi account will be converted.

Payment options supported:

  • Card

  • ACH credit transfer

  • contact if you want to request different payment option

Plan name or expected monthly volume

Please check out this Article for more information on available plans.

Have Questions?

Please contact or use Online Chat Facility for special pricing, SLA options, other Billing etc questions.

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