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Update Billing / CC information. OCR API Product
Update Billing / CC information. OCR API Product

Veryfi OCR API product

Updated over a week ago

By default, auto-renewal is ON for all API users. It means that Veryfi charges the Card we have on file for all your renewal invoices and overage invoices automatically.

Whenever needed, you can update Billing / Credit Card information inside the Billing section.

In case you don't have access to the Billing section or you are not a team member of a company account, you can also update your Credit Card information when receiving a new invoice from Veryfi. We will send a direct link to Stripe Payment Page, where you can insert new Credit Card details, instead of charging the current Card we have on file.

Once updated, new Credit Card details will be used for all next renewal invoices, unless you need to update them again.

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