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Upgrade to a Subscription Account

  1. Inside Veryfi Web App [ ] navigate to Billing section (left-hand side menu)

  2. Select your plan (FREE, STARTER, ENTERPRISE)

  3. Fill out the Company details and add billing email address

  4. Finally, press PURCHASE button to complete the transaction by entering your credit card details

Why it is important to fill out the Company details

To guarantee clean formatting of your subscription Invoices and Receipts, please make sure you have filled out your Company information correctly.

Payment Methods

  • Credit or Debit Card

  • ACH Credit Transfer

Payment Terms

  • Immediate

Please contact if you want to request a different payment option or need any customization.

What's my billing period and how do the charges work

Veryfi is a subscription-based service, with a monthly billing cycle. We bill in advance.


Veryfi will issue a renewal invoice on the first day of every new month for the upcoming month. Every renewal invoice will include your Plan monthly fee of $500 and any volume overhead from the previous month, if applicable.

e.g If you are on the STARTER plan and your volume consumption in January exceeded the limits included in STARTER, then all receipts and/or invoices submitted on top of your plan will be calculated (0.08/receipt & $0.16/invoice) and added to the renewal invoice for February.


On the first day of every new month, Veryfi will issue an invoice for the volume submitted during the previous month, as no minimum fee is required in this Plan.

How do I know my usage

The Veryfi Dashboard shows you the actual count of documents processed using your API keys. The chart data refreshes every few seconds to provide you with statistics as close to real-time as possible.

Where do I find my Billing History

Both Invoices and Receipts for your subscription charges are available inside Billing section. To download the Invoice and/or Receipt, please tap on the Invoice number link.

How to update payment type on file

If you want to update your card in the middle of the billing cycle so the next renewal invoice will be charged to a different card, please go to Billing section and navigate to UPDATE CARD and insert your new Card details

If your payment failed for any reason and you would like to complete the open invoice with a new Card, please go to the Billing section, tap on the open invoice and insert new card details.

Have Questions?

Please contact or use Online Chat Facility for special terms, pricing, SLA options, other Billing, etc questions.

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