Veryfi Checks Toolkit API + Lens

Veryfi Checks data extraction model is pre-trained to instantly capture, extract, and transform Checks fields.

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Veryfi Checks Toolkit

In today's digital age, paper checks may seem like a relic from the past. However, they continue to play a significant role in various financial transactions and business operations. Extracting and processing data from checks efficiently and accurately is crucial for organizations seeking to streamline their financial workflows, enhance security, and maintain compliance.

What is it: Our Checks Toolkit is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify and enhance the processing of checks.

Key Features: This toolkit includes a (a) powerful API for data extraction from checks, enabling businesses to automatically retrieve and process critical information from check images, (b) custom Camera SDK to capture high-quality images*.

Benefits: With Checks Toolkit, businesses can streamline check handling processes, reduce manual data entry errors, and accelerate transaction processing times.

*Why image quality is important: Read here

Veryfi Checks Toolkit

  • Veryfi Lens for capturing checks

  • Veryfi Checks API for Data Extraction

Read more about Bank Checks in our blog

Bank Check OCR API And Lens demo

Veryfi Lens for capturing checks

Instantly extract data from bank checks, for mobile deposits and other financial applications. Securely capture checks using Veryfi Lens.

  • What is it: Veryfi Custom Camera SDK is a specialized software development kit that empowers developers to create custom check-capturing applications.

  • Key Features: The SDK provides tools and libraries for building camera-based check capture apps with features like image enhancement, cropping, and quality validation to ensure clear and usable check images.

  • Applications: Use this SDK to develop mobile check deposit apps, remote check capture solutions, or any application where high-quality check image capture is essential.

How to test Lens for Checks

Please note that Lens is an add-on feature that involves additional costs.

By default, full Lens access and documentation is disabled for all user accounts.

If you're interested in integrating the Lens into your mobile app for in-depth testing, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team at

In the meantime, for look and feel experience you can download Veryfi Lens demo apps: iOS Lens demo app & Android Lens demo app they will have Checks flavor.

You can also watch A Walk-Through of Veryfi Lens.

Veryfi Lens demo for Checks also available in GitHub Android & iOS

Veryfi Checks API for Data Extraction

  • What is it: Veryfi Checks API is a developer-friendly interface that allows you to integrate check data extraction capabilities into your applications and systems.

  • Key Features: The API offers a range of features, including OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for accurate text extraction, data parsing, and support for various check formats and languages*.

  • Use Cases: Developers can use the Checks API to build applications for check deposit, mobile banking, accounting software, and more.

*reach out to if you need help with languages.

❗️Checks API is a separate model, a separate endpoint you should use to route the requests. Checks endpoint URL:

What data fields are in Check forms?

  • Amount

  • Amount in text

  • Bank's address

  • Bank's name

  • Check number

  • Fractional routing number

  • Memo

  • Account number

  • Serial number

  • Routing number

  • Payer's address

  • Payer's name

  • Receiver's address

  • Receiver's name

JSON response sample for Checks form

JSON Sample

"id": 1523,
"pdf_url": "",
"amount": 1625.00,
"amount_text": "One thousand six hundred twenty-five and 00/100 Dollars",
"bank_address": "123 Main Street, Anytown, USA",
"bank_name": "ABC Bank",
"fractional_routing_number": "1234567890123456",
"routing_from_fractional": "1234",
"micr": {
"routing_number": "123456789",
"account_number": "9876543210",
"serial_number": "A9876543210 1234A",
"raw": "123456789A9876543210"
"check_number": "0728799876",
"date": "2023-09-11 10:15:30",
"memo": "Payment for Services",
"payer_address": "456 Elm Street, Anytown, USA",
"payer_name": "John Doe",
"receiver_address": "789 Oak Avenue, Othertown, USA",
"receiver_name": "Jane Smith"

How to test Checks API

Are you a registered user?

To process Checks, please follow the instructions in the API Documentation for Checks API.

Whether you need to extract data from checks or capture high-quality check images, our tools are here to help you achieve your goals.

Please note current Web Portal Limitations for Check processing.

Veryfi Inbox is tied to Receipts/Invoices API currently it applies the following limitations:

  • All documents you upload via the web uploader option will be processed via /documents API URL that is used for data extraction of Invoices and receipts. Please use a separate Checks API URL or Interactive API for Checks to process a check.

  • All checks you send to process via Checks API or Lens SDK will not appear in your Veryfi Inbox, but are available to be queried by GET request via code or Interactive API.

Not a registered user?

Simply navigate to Veryfi website Demo page and upload your check to get an instant response.

Have any questions? Please reach out to us at

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