Veryfi'a Fraud API accepts images and inspects them in seconds for detection of traces of forgeries. The API returns a color code and a confidence score.

Response Color codes


Image has not been tampered with


Image "might be" tampered with so treat this one with caution


Image IS tampered with

Under the Hood Inspections

EXIF Data Check
eg. Every image contains EXIF information and any abnormalities (eg. Missing EXIF) are a sign of potential image tampering.

Grain Detail Inspector
Compression artifacts, inconsistencies in geometry (skews),
Eg. area changed will be flat while other areas will be skewed, inconsistent color palette in a squared area.

Artifacts Inspector
Remnants of deleted objects or jagged edges around the changed area eg. when magic wand is used.

Typography Inspector
Inspects arrangement of typefaces, point sizes, line lengths, line-spacing (leading), letter-spacing (tracking) & s[ace between pairs of letters (kerning).

Machine Learning

Using a large data set of what a manipulated image looks like, Veryfi will make an assessment whether the image you submit fits that range.

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