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How to Update a Vendor in API Web Portal​
How to Update a Vendor in API Web Portal​
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A list of your Vendors can be found under the Data Transformation section.

Vendors is the place where Veryfi stores all the records of vendors Veryfi created after processing your documents.

How to Add a New Vendor

While there is no vendor API that allow to add a new vendor, users can add a new vendor inside their Web Portal.

  1. Go to your VENDORS page

  2. Click the ADD VENDOR button in the top-right corner (see screenshot above)

  3. Fill out all the relevant details

  4. Click ADD VENDOR when ready

It is very important that the contact information provided for a new vendor coincides with contact details both in the online sources and the details of the document. To provide accurate type(s), feel free to check online sources.

Once the new vendor is created it should be added to the list of your existing vendors here

PS: If your API Web Portal missing the Vendors section, please contact

How to Update a Vendor on a Document

  1. Open the Document you want to alter the vendor for by pressing VIEW button (a modal window will open the Document detail)

  2. Inside the detail view, click the VENDOR tab

  3. Click on the Vendor dropdown to choose the Vendor from your list of existing vendors. (as shown in the screenshot below)

  4. ADDRESS and TYPE(S) fields are also editable, feel free to adjust if needed

  5. You can also click the ADD VENDOR button to add a vendor to your list and automatically apply this new vendor to this document.

How to Merge Vendors via API Web Portal

Use case: Have 5 "Lowes" Vendors on File: "Lowe's", "Lowes Home", "Lowes Home Improvement" etc? but really don't need to track different locations

You may have noticed that if you process receipts from one particular Vendor, but actual purchases were made at different sore locations your Vendor results may differ, causing confusion & inconvenience and actually breaking the Vendor statistics. (may be applicable for particular use cases only)

Here is how you make ALL receipts be saved under ONE Vendor.

1. Merge ALL Vendors into ONE:

  1. Log in to your Web Portal:

  2. Go to your INBOX

  3. Preset date filter to ALL to see ALL Vendors for ALL time

  4. Search by necessary Vendor name

  5. Select all the Vendors you want to merge

  6. Click the MERGE button in the Bulk Actions section

8. Select Vendor you wish to MERGE all the selected ones into.

*You can type Vendor name to adjust the list

9. Press YES, MERGE to confirm the action

10. What happens next is all your Documents that have vendor name that fall into the merge criteria will be updated with a new vendor.

2. Create a RULE to Assign ONE Vendor to ALL documents

  1. Log in to your Web Portal :

  2. Go to Data Transformation section

  3. Preset ADD A RULE

  4. Set Condition OCR text Contains

  5. Type few keywords from Vendor Name to Filter

  6. Select Vendor to Apply in Action

  7. Select Vendor from your Vendor drop-down list

From now on ALL receipts where OCR text contains "Radisson" text will be assigned with "Radisson blue Hotel " name.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our support:

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