API Keys Access Permission

Enable / Disable API Keys access to your Admin users

Updated over a week ago

For security and safety reasons, there is an additional control for Admin users to enable or disable API Keys access.

Access to API Keys can be granted to Admin users only. For non-Admin users access to API Keys is restricted.

All existing Admin users created before November 15 will have API Keys access ON.

If you need to change the permission for existing non-Admin users, or disable access for an existing Admin, follow the instructions below:

How to Update Permissions for an Existing Team Member

  1. Go to My Team section: Settings > My Team [ https://app.veryfi.com/company/ ]

  2. Press View for the Team Member

  3. Update permissions in a new popup [Admin: yes/no & API Keys: yes/no]*

* Please note that only Admin users that have access to API Keys can enable/disable API Keys access to another Admin user or Add a new Team Member with Access to API Keys.


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