Account Activity Logs

A chronological history of activities, modifications, and interactions related to the account

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Exploring the Power of Account Activity Logs

At Veryfi, we hold your security in the highest regard. With the newly launched Logs functionality, you can now track and monitor the most recent actions taken within your company account and by your team members.

The new Logs section serves as a window into the changes made to your Veryfi account, settings, team, and user access permission updates.

Accessing the Logs is a breeze. Simply navigate to the My Team section at:, and click on the dedicated Logs tab.

Embrace the Power of Logs

Discover the array of benefits that the Logs feature brings to your team:

  1. Transparency: Stay informed about who's making changes to your account and your team. The Logs provide an at-a-glance overview of actions taken, ensuring transparency and accountability.

  2. Enhanced Control: Gain a higher level of control over your account, your team, and user access permissions. By accessing the Logs, you can closely monitor any modifications and ensure they align with your desired settings.

  3. Efficient Troubleshooting: Should any issues arise, the Logs will be your trusted companion in troubleshooting. With a chronological record of events, you can easily trace back to pinpoint the exact cause of an issue and expedite its resolution.

What Information Do Logs Hold?

Logs are your behind-the-scenes guide to what's happening within your account.

  • Timestamp

  • Affected user

  • Action type (create, update, delete)

  • Change Log

  • New and previous values

  • Author

Access to Logs brings a wealth of advantages to you and your team. It ensures you're equipped with the information you need to drive account efficiency, maintain a secure environment, and make informed decisions.

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