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Android Lens Settings Complete Guide
Android Lens Settings Complete Guide

Unlock the full potential of Veryfi Lens and create an unparalleled user experience for your users

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Welcome to the Android Lens settings guide! This short article is designed to provide you with an overview of how to customize and fine-tune your mobile experience using Veryfi Lens.

πŸ“Œ Permission and Access
Please note that Lens is an add-on feature that involves additional costs.

By default, full Lens access and documentation is disabled for all user accounts.

If you're interested in integrating the Lens into your mobile app for in-depth testing, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team at

In the meantime, for look and feel experience you can download Veryfi Lens demo apps: iOS Lens demo app & Android Lens demo app and/or watch A Walk-Through of Veryfi Lens.

While we offer a full mobile documentation on our web portal, this guide is dedicated exclusively to helping you maximize your lens settings and tailor your mobile application to your unique preferences. You can find the the list of available custom settings for Android Lens below or you can download the PDF file with guidelines at the bottom on the page.

Here is the list of available settings for Android Lens

  • accentColor: accent color used by material design (default: "#005AC1")

  • accentDarkColor: accent dark color used by material design (default: "#DBE2F9")

  • primaryDarkColor: main dark color used by material design (default: "#ADC6FF")

  • secondaryDarkColor: secondary dark color used by material design default: "#3F4759")

  • autoCropGalleryIsOn: forces document detection and auto cropping on documents imported from the image gallery (default: false)

  • autoDeleteAfterProcessing: if on, scanned files will be deleted once processing has completed (default: false)

  • autoDocDetectionAndCropIsOn: detects, highlights and crops documents automatically during camera image capture (default: true)

  • autoLightDetectionIsOn: if on the room ambience controls light to illuminate the document. Turn OFF for manual controls (default: true)

  • autoRotateIsOn: automatically rotates image so the contained document is correctly oriented (default: false)

  • autoSubmitDocumentOnCapture: auto submit document on capture, skipping the preview screen (default: false)

  • backupDocsToGallery: uses photo gallery to backup each scans -- NOTE: must ask user for permission (default: true)

  • blurDetectionIsOn: checks if a picture captured has 20% or more blur - blurred receipts don't process well (default: true)

  • boostModeIsOn: flag that tells Veryfi whether boost mode should be enabled (default: false)

  • boundingBoxesIsOn: returns coordinates for where fields are located on the document (default: false)

  • categories: optional list of custom categories for Veryfi to use in categorizing submitted documents (default: null)

  • checksBackIsOn: enables/disables the capture of checks back side after front side is taken (default: false)

  • closeCameraOnSubmit: after submitting an image, the Lens camera view will be closed and user returned to the host app (default: true)

  • confidenceDetailsIsOn: enable some scores about the confidence level of the inference (default: false)

  • defaultSelectedDocumentType: which is the default selected document type (default: DocumentType.RECEIPT)

  • detectBlurResponseIsOn: enables is_blurry which represents the model's assessment about whether the document is blurred or not (default: false)

  • dictateIsOn: enables/disables the "Add by voice" option (default: true)

  • docDetectFillUIColor: document detection rectangle fill color (default: "#9653BF8A")

  • docDetectStrokeUIColor: document detection rectangle stroke color (default: null)

  • emailCCDomain: the domain name used to power emailed documents (default: "")

  • emailCCIsOn: enables/disables the email cc view inside settings (default: true)

  • externalId: a pass-through field to add a unique reference identifier for a scan which can be used to map back to your system (default: "")

  • galleryIsOn: enables/disables the photo gallery feature (default: true)

  • locationServicesIsOn: enables/disables location services to grab user's lat & lng (default: true)

  • manualCropIsOn: toggles the option to manually crop an image before submitting it for processing (default: true)

  • moreMenuIsOn: enables/disables the showing of the more menu (default: true)

  • moreSettingsMenuIsOn: enables/disables the showing of the More > Settings option. NOTE: When this is FALSE all Settings come from the app, not the user (default: true)

  • multipleDocumentsIsOn: enables/disables processing multiple stitched images as different transactions, this requires stitchIsOn (default: true)

  • notificationChannelName: sets the name of the notification channel used for uploading files for processing (default: veryfi_channel_notification)

  • originalImageMaxSizeInMB: maximum size in MB applied when producing images. Valid range is: 0.2 to 2.5 (default: 2.5)

  • primaryColor: main color used by material design (default: "#4285f4")

  • returnStitchedPDF: provides path of stitched PDF (when multiple images are stitched for a single document) in the veryfiLensUpdate delegate function (default: false)

  • rotateDocIsOn: enables option to rotate (on each press) a document by 90 degree clockwise (default: true)

  • saveLogsIsOn: stores logs on device. Recommended to be enabled to aid with debugging if required (default: true)

  • shareLogsIsOn: enables option on preview screen to share logs for debugging. Recommended to be disabled in production (default: false)

  • shieldProtectionIsOn: adds shield icon to capture button and adds an menu option inside More > What is Shield? (default: true)

  • showDocumentTypes: enables/disables the documentTypes setting. When disabled, the default camera experience will be used and all documents will be treated as either a receipt, invoice or bill (auto-detected) (default: false)

  • stitchIsOn: enables/disables the option to combine multiple receipts together into a PDF (default: true)

  • stitchedPDFPixelDensityMultiplier: multiplier for the image resolution being drawn on the PDF. Valid range is: 1.0 to 5.0 (default: 2.0)

  • submitButtonBackgroundColor: color used for submit button background (default: #005AC1)

  • submitButtonBorderColor: color used for submit button border (default: #005AC1)

  • submitButtonCornerRadius: number used to set submit button corner radius (default: 30)

  • submitButtonFontColor: color used for submit button text (default: #FFFFFF)

NOTE: In the case when the settings menu is disabled for the user (moreSettingsMenuIsOn is set to false), Lens will use the settings that it is initialized with. If the settings menu is enabled, the user will by default be presented with the configured values, but will be able to change these within the settings menu.

Please note: adding the Lens SDK to your app will increase your final app size by up to 30MB. This is due to machine learning models, support libraries, etc included in the SDK.

Download the Android Lens settings guide:

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