When a new user is added to Veryfi, a default list of Categories is created. However, you can change that list at any time here: https://hub.veryfi.com/categories/

To Add a New Category Click on "+ Add Category":

To Edit Category Name Click on the category name. Once changed, click outside of edit box:

To Delete a Category (or multiple categories) click on the three dots and then choose the "Delete" option or check the appropriate checkboxes and click the Delete button to delete multiple categories:

NOTE: If your Veryfi Account is connected to an external Accounting application like QuickBooks or Xero, your changes in Veryfi won't be synced to your accounting app. For Example: If you delete a Category in Veryfi it will not be deleted in your QuickBooks Account.

If you still have questions please reach out to our support: support@veryfi.com

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