How to apply a discount Promo Code?
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To discount your subscription, you have to use a valid promo code.

Applying promo code

  1. Inside Veryfi Hub Web App, navigate to Billing (left hand side menu) or go there directly using this link

  2. Select (toggle) Products you will be using

  3. Enter Promo code and hit APPLY (make sure you use the exact capitalization)

  4. After you hit Apply, the Subscription total will update to reflect the discount

  5. Press BUY NOW to grab the offer 

About promo codes

  • Promo codes are issued only for ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS

  • Based on the discount, some promo codes are valid for 24 HOURS only and some for 48 HOURS from the date of issue and

  • Annual subscriptions with applied discounts are non refundable

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