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I want Veryfi Lens + API inside my app
I want Veryfi Lens + API inside my app

I heard Veryfi Lens + API is available for any iOS & Android wanting receipt scanning features

Updated over a week ago

That's correct. Contact with your intent and please let us know how you want to use the Veryfi Lens product.

Veryfi Lens gives your App Eyes!

Supercharge your mobile app with the world’s fastest, accurate, machine-powered data extraction framework. In minutes your engineering team can enable expense management capabilities, support for paper receipt, invoice or bill scanning and back-office paper digitization by dropping in Veryfi Lens into your native or hybrid mobile app. It’s that easy and fast.

Give your business a competitive edge and your customers secure machine automation like they’ve never seen before!

Go from paper to data in 3 seconds…

Veryfi is the only tool on the market that can extract in 3 seconds:

  • Vendor name, vendor address, vendor type, vendor phone number

  • Vendor Logo with training ability

  • Transaction totals (including handwritten)

  • Transaction subtotals

  • Tax including International taxes (GST, HST, TVP, TVQ, VAT et al)

  • Tips (including handwritten)

  • Date & Time

  • Payment type including Card number and Card type (Visa, Amex, MasterCard et al)

  • Currency detection with automatic currency conversion when traveling overseas. Conversion is based on the date on the receipt/invoice

  • Automatic receipt categorization based on applicable regional accounting/tax codes
    Invoice information like Invoice Number, Account Number, Due Date etc

  • World’s 1st machine powered end-to-end line-by-line item extraction from receipts, invoices and bills in seconds

and it works with a myriad of sources:

  • Paper & digital receipts

  • Paper & digital invoices (including line items with tax, total and categorization)

  • Paper & digital bills

  • Paper checks (cheques)

  • Business cards

  • PDF417 and QR barcodes

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