Automatic crop detection might get confused with the background you use and crop the receipt in a very unexpected way. In this instance we recommend you turn off the automatic crop detection and use manual crop. Here's how.

Turning off automatic crop detection

  1. Start the camera inside Veryfi app by pressing COLLECT from the footer nav

  2. Press MORE button (top right) or swipe the screen left (gesture based)

  3. Press SETTINGS

  4. Inside Settings disable "Auto Doc Detect & Crop"

  5. Go back and scan a receipt

Manual cropping

  1. After you have taken a picture, the preview screen will show you the uncropped receipt and a few contextual buttons to the right of it

  2. Press the 1st button

  3. Now manually outline the receipt - a trail will follow your finger so you know whats being cropped. When you let go it will crop the receipt presenting you with a confirmation box as shown in the video below

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