"boost_mode" is a flag that tells Veryfi whether boost mode should be enabled.

When set ON, Veryfi will skip data enrichment steps* but will process the document faster. By default the boost mode is disabled.

boost_mode = 0 - disabled

boost_mode = 1 - enabled

Note: Version 8 abandons 1/0 style booleans for a more traditional true/false style of boolean.

If you use v8:

boost_mode = false - disabled

boost_mode = true - enabled

More about v7 and v8 differences API Version 7 vs 8

How is faster speed achieved?

When boost_mode is on, Veryfi will skip data enrichment steps and process documents faster.

boost_mode may skip:

  • vendor address validation

  • fields enrichment

  • vendor check using maps

  • vendor checks against government DB of registered businesses

  • logo search on the document

  • auto-crop on the back-end

  • auto-rotation on the back-end

  • blur detection

  • document conversion to readable PDF

  • barcode detection

  • duplicate detection

What will be skipped largely depends on a document's details. If a receipt is simple, there may not be any noticeable differences in the extraction results.

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us at support@veryfi.com .

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