Sample of Receipts & Invoices

If you don't have a receipt or invoice to try Veryfi, then feel free to use the following.

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Here is a sample of Receipts & Invoices which you can use to test drive Veryfi. Of course it's best that you use your own documents but these are here incase you do not have a document handy but want to experience the Veryfi data extraction.


Veryfi supports a wide range of document formats from images to pdfs. To see the full list visit this link

1. Right click on the document
2. From the popup menu, select 'Save Image As...' and save it locally to your computer
3. Drag ^& drop the image from your computer into the Veryfi API Portal Inbox

DOCUMENT: Bill from ACE Hardware

DOCUMENT: CPG Grocery Receipt
(contains SKUs product line items)

DOCUMENT: Receipt from Business Lunch at Himawari
(contains handwritten tip & total)

DOCUMENT: Receipt from Lowe's

DOCUMENT: Receipt from Starbucks
(note line items)

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