How to Archive Old Receipts?

What to do with your old aka processed receipts? Let`s Archive them!

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Have old Receipts, Bills & Invoices you no longer want to see BUT need to retain them for the future (just in case)? Then archive them today. 

Archived documents remain in your account and can be accessed at any time.

 How to Archive Documents?

  1. From your INBOX, DOCUMENTS section using Bulk Actions 

2. From REPORTS section, Select necessary report and Archive related Documents

*Please note that this trick works only for reports that were generated with zip file of all images attached to this report.

**If you need to include Archived Documents in your Report, just select "Include Archved Documents" in Advanced Reports settings 

Please check out instructions on how to Generate a report:

How to Access Archived Documents?

Just change the BUCKET type (in the Documents filter) to Archived and then press APPLY to reload the Archived documents.
Archived documents will appear with an orange indicator on the left side of the row. 

How to Unarchive? 

From your INBOX, DOCUMENTS section using Bulk Actions, select all or necessary Documents and set Unarchive in Bulk  

NOTE: Archived documents do not sync to any connected apps. Please make sure the selected documents have synced before proceeding.

Let's say you have a document that was synced to QB already, but later you found that it was synced with the wrong category. To re-sync it to QB you need to unarchive this document first, then make the necessary adjustment, wait for a few minutes to make sure that the adjustment was synced to QB. Once synced, you can archive this document again.

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