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Data Extraction and Request Parameters
Data Extraction and Request Parameters
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API DocumentationProtocols, Auth, SDKs & Postman, Processing, Manage, Train
Document Data Extraction Fields ExplainedJSON fields description and comments
What fields can Veryfi OCR API extract?Veryfi extracts over 110 fields from Receipts & Invoices.
What Document Types Veryfi SupportsInvoices, Bills, Hotel Folios, POs, Expense Receipts, FMCG/CPG Receipts, HSA/FSA Receipts, W2/W9, Credit Card
Currencies Veryfi OCR API supportsWorld's most popular currencies. This list grows constantly
What is CLIENT_SECRET?Client ID, username, and API key
API Version 7 vs 8API v8 transitioned from beta to production
File formats Veryfi supports?.jpg, .jpe, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .txt, .htm, .html, .zip, .heic, .heif, .avif, .ofd, .webp
Processing .zip files
File Requirementsaccuracy is dependent on the quality and clarity of the image
Languages supported by Veryfi OCR APIVeryfi works with most of the popular languages
PDF Splitter inside Veryfi PortalSplit multipage PDF
How can I train the model and improve accuracy?No need to worry! Simply correct the error, and Veryfi will learn from your input.
What affects data extraction accuracy
List of JSON fields that users can update with PUT API
Webhooks and Asynchronous ProcessingSubmit a document, receive a webhook, retrieve a document, handle errors
TagsTags help in categorizing, tracking, and retrieving specific data points based on criteria or preferences
JSON Date Format ExplainedWe use ISO-8601 YYYY-MM-DD date format
"parsed_address" Explainedget your address incremental
"barcodes" ExplainedQR + Barcodes, PDF417, EAN, UPC, Code128, Code39, I25
"max_pages_to_process" Explained15 Max
"compute" flag Explained
Confidence Score ExplainedBe confident in the data extraction results
Veryfi Bounding boxes and Bounding regionsUnlock the Power of Data Visualization for your app !
Blur detectionField "is_blurry" provides the insights of image quality
Stitch Additional Files to an Existing Transaction?How to add a 2nd receipt to an existing transaction in your inbox.
Get additional details for already processed documentsExtract additional details without processing the same document twice via Interactive API
How to Submit Multiple Pictures for the Same DocumentSubmit .zip or use file_urls
Can I have a Sandbox or Dev environment?I need different api keys for dev environment - ask
How to Delete a Document from VeryfiGUI/Veryfi Web Portal or Direct API call
New: Interactive APITry out Veryfi’s API from a Web portal
Email CollectorProcess online receipts or invoices by sending them over veryfi email collector